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Five Simple Ways to Find Great Content Ideas

There comes a day in every online marketer's life when they just plain run out of interesting things to write about. If this is that day for you, you're in luck! We've got some help for you...

Before we launch into the list of content generating ideas, if you can afford to, of course you can hire someone to come up with ideas for you or even have them go ahead and write the content. This will depend on your budget and on how "hands on" you want to be with what ends up on your site.

Another option is to purchase PLR (Private Label Rights) content and publish that under your own name or brand, after polishing it up and injecting some of your own personality into it, of course. One of the worst things you can do for your website is to purchase PLR and simply slap it up on your site without editing it.

While these are great solutions that will help you out in some instances, there are times when you just want to sit down and write the content yourself.  But, you might just need a little inspiration to help you get it started. And, it's the getting started that is usually the toughest part. For most people, once they break the ice things start to flow and the article or blog post will take on a life of its own.

Here are five simple but powerful ways to find great topics for articles and blog posts:

#1 – Grab a popular magazine from your coffee table (or the nearest waiting room or magazine rack if you stopped subscribing yourself). It doesn't even need to be a publication in YOUR niche. Just about any magazine will do because you will soon see that they all follow a similar formula. Take a careful look at the cover and make note of the headlines shown. More than likely, they will look something like this:

•  The ____ Secrets to the Best _________

•  Learn ____ Ways to Improve ________ Now

•  ____ Amazing Tips About __________

Once you've taken down all the headlines that caught your interest, replace the keywords with your own that fit your niche. Fill in the blanks with the things that you know with grab the attention and peak the curiosity of your audience. If there were ten headlines on the cover of the magazine, now you'll have at least ten posts you can write, or even more if you do some mixing and matching with those headlines.

#2 – Head over to your favorite social networking site and read a few posts in your niche. Visit the pages or groups of your industry "gurus" and see what they are talking about. You will no doubt pick up some great content ideas.

"Social Media Icons on Chalk Sticks" by makeawebsitehub is licensed under CC BY

There's a good chance that you'll take issue or disagree with their ideas or view on something related to your industry. That's a perfect launching point for a blog post. Or, you may feel that a topic could be amplified upon. There's another place where a future article may come to life. Or, perhaps you'll run across a comment on a post that will become the foundation of an article. Social media sites are packed with content idea sparkers. You just need to start looking for them and soon you'll have more ideas that you can handle.

#3 – Check your own blog and read through the comments. Just skim past the ones that say "Thanks for the info."  Those don't offer anything of value for this exercise. Instead, keep an eye out for the deep questions or the insightful comments. Those can be really ideal for inspiring content and becoming a springboard for a terrific article.

#4 – Spend some time combing through quality forums and blog comments on other sites. Often people will leave in-depth comments that are meaty enough to be a stand alone blog post. 

Just contact the person who made the comment if possible for permission, polish it up a bit, and format it for your site web and you've got a ready-made article. Of course, many times the comment or post will be short so you will need to expand on it but you should be able to uncover several good ideas that will cure your content shortage woes.

#5 – Make a list. Lists can be easier to come up with than an in-depth article or blog post. They are generally quick to create and as a bonus, they are well received by readers. People love to consume information in list format because it helps them feel that they have learned something quickly and easily. Plus, they are more likely to share such content. As a backup plan for always having content ideas on hand, go ahead and write down three to five ideas for interesting lists in your niche and then you will have them ready at a moments notice.

Creative content ideas are out there by the boat-loads just waiting for you to discover them. With a little inspiration, a bit of digging, and some creativity, you can turn an uninspired writing session into a fun, fruitful blogging spree.

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